Our Vision

We are a team with passion to equip people in a rapidly changing world with skills and global reach integrated with core values of honesty, integrity, compassion and determination to be successful in the society and also to develop the society.


Our Mission


To educate people who have a passion to grow, understand and be successful, this brings out their creativity and potential to change lives for better ’ as George Washington aptly said ‘Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom’. Truway Academy actively strives to free everyone who desires to be free.


Know us

Online training offers quality training without missing the benefits of classroom training such as live training, interaction with trainers and students, all this at your convenience and saving travel costs and time.



  •     Quality training offered by world class trainers.
  •     Live interaction with trainers
  •     No travel costs and travel time
  •     Training available on any mobile device, laptop and computers for almost any internet enabled location


How does it work?

The training session takes place through Live and recorded Webinars which are easy to use and install on mobile devices.


Why choose us?

We offer a variety of courses offered by world class trainers, ability to offer training at suitable time (after hours) .


What Online Training is offered?

We offer courses in IT, Engineering, Project Management, Agile, Lean and many more. In addition we constantly add more courses regularly.

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