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Chapter 1 : CCNP Course Details 

Chapter 2 : ROUTE - (300-101) 

1Intrductin t Ruter and Ruting Prtcls

  • Static Ruting, Dynamic Ruting, Default Ruting
  • IP Addressing, Summarizatin (Aut and Manual)

2Enhanced Interir Gateway Ruting Prtcl

  •     EIGRP Features, EIGRP Update Prcess
  •     Cnfiguratin and Verificatin f EIGRP Tables
  •     EQUAL and UNEQUAL Metric Rute Lad Sharing
  •     Summarizatin, EIGRP Metric Tuning
  •     Manipulating Hell and Hld Timer, Static Neighbr cnfiguratin
  •     Passive Interfaces, Authenticatin , EIGRP Stub features
  •     Default Rute with EIGRP
  •     Rute Filtering by using ACL and Rute-Map



  •     SPF Link State Features, Packet Types
  •     SPF Neighbrs and Adjacencies n LAN and WAN
  •     LSA TYPES, SPF Metric Calculatin and Tuning
  •     SPF Netwrk Types (Pint-t-Pint, BMA, NBMA)
  •     SPF Cnfiguratin and Verificatin, Rute Filtering
  •     Rute Summarizatin, Default Rute in SPF
  •     Special Areas (Stub, Ttally Stubby, NSSA, Ttally NSSA)
  •     SPF Virtual Link
  •     Manipulating Hell and Dead Intervals

4Rute Redistributin

  •     Redistributin Cncepts and Prcess
  •     Redistributing int EIGRP / SPF / RIP


5Advance Redistributin

  •     PBR functin and cnfiguratin
  •     Redistributin with Rute-Map / Distribute-list
  •     Issues with Multiple Redistributin Pints
  •     IP Service Level Agreement


  •     Basics f Internet Ruting and Addressing
  •     Internet Rute Aggregatin, BGP ASNs (Public and Private ASNs)
  •     Single Hmed, Dual Hmed , Single Multi hmed
  •     Dual Multi hmed , Peer Grup
  •     Internal BGP: Next-hp Issue with IBGP, Split-Hrizn, IBGP Mesh
  •     Clearing BGP Peers (Inbund and utbund Filtering)
  •     IBGP Neighbrs with Lpback Address
  •     External BGP: ebgp Neighbrs with Lpback Address
  •     BGP Update Messages and BGP States
  •     Effect f Aut Summarizatin in BGP
  •     BGP Path Attributes: Weight, Lcal Preference, As-path Pre-pend
  •     rigin Cdes, Multi Exit Discriminatr
  •     BGP Rute Filtering and BGP PATH Selectin Prcess

7IP Versin 6 Addressing

  •     IPV6 Address Representatin, Types f IPV6 Addresses
  •     Glbal Rute Aggregatin
  •     Static IPV6 Address Cnfiguratin
  •     Stateful DHCP, Stateless Aut Cnfiguratin
  •     Multicast and ther Special IPV6 Addresses, DAD
  •     IPV6 Ruting Prtcls and IGP Redistributin
  •     IPV4 and IPV6 C-existence: Dual Stack / Tunneling / NAT-PT
  •     Static Pint-t-Pint IPV6 Tunneling
  •     Dynamic Multipint IPV6 Tunnel:
  •     Aut and Manual 6 t 4 Tunnel
  •     ISATAP Tunnel

8VPN Technlgies

  •     Virtual Private Netwrk: Site-t-Site
  •     IPSEC Tunnel, GRE Tunnel , DMVPN

Chapter 3 : SWITCH - (300-115) 

1Enterprise Campus Netwrk Design


  •     Hierarchical Netwrk Design
  •     Layer 2 Switch peratin
  •     Multi Layer Switch peratin, Types f Multi Layer Switch
  •     Switching Tables: CAM / TCAM
  •     CDP ,LLDP
  •     Ethernet Cncepts: Ethernet / Fast Ethernet / Gigabit Ethernet / 10 Gigabit Ethernet / Metr Ethernet
  •     Switch Prt Cables and Cnnectrs
  •     Switch Prt Cnfiguratin: Prt Speed & Prt Duplex Mde
  •     VLAN and TRUNKS: VLAN Membership and Deplyment
  •     Trunk Encapsulatin ,Native VLAN, Vice VLAN, DTP
  •     VLAN Trunking Prtcl: VTP Dmain / Mdes / Advertisement
  •     VTP v1, v2, v3 and VTP Pruning

2Aggregating Switch Link

  •     Switch Prt Aggregating with Ether Channel
  •     Ether Channel Lad Balancing
  •     Ether Channel Negtiatin Prtcl (PAgP, LACP)


3Spanning Tree Prtcl


  •     STP Cncept, BPDU (CBPDU, TCN BPDU)
  •     STP States, STP Timers
  •     Types f STP: CST/PVST /PVST+
  •     STP Rt Bridge Placement and Cnfiguratin
  •     STP Custmizatin, Mdifying STP Timers
  •     BPDU Filter

4Advance Spanning Tree Prtcl

  •     Rapid Spanning Tree Prtcl:
  •     BPDU & Cnvergence in RSTP
  •     Multiple Spanning Tree Prtcl:
  •     MST Regin, Instances with MST


  •     Type f Interfaces in MLS
  •     Inter VLAN Ruting in MLS
  •     Multi Layer Switching with CEF
  •     DHCP within a MLS
  •     Ruting Cnfiguratin in MLS

6Layer 3 High Availability


  •     HSRP / VRRP / GLBP
  •     Supervisr and Rute Prcessr Redundancy
  •     Cnfiguring Redundancy Mdes & Supervisr Synchrnizatin
  •     Nn Stp Frwarding
  •     VSS(Virtual Switching System)

7Securing Switched Netwrk

  •     AAA with TACACS+ and RADIUS
  •     Prt Security / 802.1x Authenticatin,
  •     802.1x Prt Based Authenticatin
  •     Mitigating Spfing Attacks, DHCP Snping, IP Surce Guard
  •     Dynamic ARP Inspectin, VLAN ACL, Securing VLAN Trunk,
  •     VLAN Hpping,
  •     Private-VLAN Cncept, Cnfiguring and Verifying
  •     Strm Cntrl

Chapter 4 : TSHOOT - (300-135) 

1TSHOOT - (300-135)

  •    Intrductin t Trubleshting Prcess
  •     Maintenance & Trubleshting using Tls
  •     Ruting prtcls Trubleshting
  •     Switch Trubleshting
  •     IP Services Trubleshting
  •     IPv6 Trubleshting
  •     Advanced Services Trubleshting


  • Lectures0
  • Video
  • Skill level Full Course
  • Languages English

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