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Chapter 1 : Installing Netbackup 

1Installing Netbackup

  •     Verifying Netbackup Installation PreRequisites
  •     Indentifying the Location and Size of Netbackup Catalogues
  •     Administering Netbackup Licenses
  •     Installing Netbackup
  •     Configuring Netbackup
  •     Installing Clients
  •     Upgrading NetBackup
  •     Installing and Reinstalling Patches
  •     Troubleshooting Common Installation Issues

Chapter 2 : Configuring Storage Devices 

1Configuring Storage Devices

  •     Media Manager
  •     Device Catalogue
  •     Configuring Devices: Prerequisite
  •     Device Configuration
  •     Configuring Shared Drives
  •     Robotic Test Tools
  •     Cleaning Drives
  •     Troubleshooting Common Device Configuration Issues
  •     Configuring Media
  •     Media Management Architecture
  •     Indentifying the Contents of the Volume Catalogue

Chapter 3 : Configuring Media 

1Configuring Media

  • Using Robot Inventory to Configuring Robotic Media
  • Managing Media
  • Troubleshooting Common Media Issues

Chapter 4 : Managing Storage Units 

1Managing Storage Units

  • Storage Unit
  • Storage unit groups
  • Storage lifecycle Policies (SLPs)
  • Creating and Maintaining Storage Units
  • Fragmentation
  • Writing Backups-Multiplexing
  • Creating and Marinating Storage Unit Groups
  • Troubleshooting Common Storage Unit Issues

Chapter 5 : Creating Backup Policies: Attributes, Clients, and Files 

1Creating Backup Policies: Attributes, Clients, and Files

  • NetBackup Policies
  • Creating Backup Policies
  • Modifying Policy Attributes
  • Changing File Settings for a Policy
  • Changing Client Settings for a Policy
  • Troubleshooting Common Backup Policy Issues

Chapter 6 : Creating Backup Policies: Schedules 

1Creating Backup Policies: Schedules

  • Settings Schedule Details for a Policy
  • Frequency-Based Scheduling
  • Calendar-Based Scheduling
  • Backup Duration
  • Specifying Retention Periods
  • Troubleshooting Common Scheduling Issues

Chapter 7 : Monitoring NetBackup Activity 

1Monitoring NetBackup Activity

  • The bpsched Process
  • Monitoring Devices
  • Monitoring NetBackup Activity
  • Using Reports
  • Establishing Log Files

Chapter 8 : User-Directed Backups and Archives 

1User-Directed Backups and Archives

  • User-Directed Operations
  • Interfaces to perform User-Directed Operation
  • File Permissions Required by NetBackup
  • Performing User-Directed Backups and Archives
  • Troubleshooting Common User-Directed Backup And Archive Issues

Chapter 9 : Restoring Data 

1 Restoring Data

  • The Restore Process
  • Restoring from Multiple Images
  • Using the Backup, Archive, and Resource Interface to Perform Restores
  • Restoring to an Alternate Client

Chapter 10 : Managing Media and Images 

1 Managing Media and Images

  • The NetBackup Media Catalogue
  • Importing Backup Images
  • Duplicating Backup Images
  • NetBackup Vault
  • Verifying Backup Images
  • Expiring Backup Images
  • Troubleshooting Common Media Management Issues

Chapter 11 : Managing Netbackup Catalogues 

1Managing Netbackup Catalogues

  • Netbacku Catalogues
  • Considerations for catalogue configuration, Backup, and Restoration
  • Backing up Netbackup Catalogues
  • Restoring Netbackup Catalogues
  • Controlling the the Size of NetBackp Catalogues
  • Troubleshooting Common NetBackup Catalogue Issues

Chapter 12 : NetBackup De-Duplication 

1NetBackup De-Duplication

  • NetBackup De-duplication concepts
  • NetBackup Storage Server Configuration
  • NetBackup De-duplication pool Configuration
  • NetBackup De-duplication Storage Unit Configuration
  • NetBackup De-duplication Backups and Restores

Chapter 13 : NetBackup Ops Center 

1NetBackup Ops Center

  • NetBackup Ops Center Server Installation
  • Adding Netbackup master server to ops center
  • Different kind on reporting Configurations
  • Different kind of views configuration
  • Automated alerting Configuration

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