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RedHat OpenStack CloudComputing Administration

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Chapter 1 : Red Hat OpenStack Administration  

1Certified System Administrator in Red Hat OpenStack Exam

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Open Stack Platform Architecture

          -Understansd Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack platform features and terminology

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform Installation

          -Install Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform using packstack and Foreman
          - Create an instance with the Horizon web Front-end

  • Qpid message broker

           -Install and configure the Qpid message broker service
           - Secure Qpid using authentication and encryption

  • Keystone identity service

    -Install, Configure and use the keystone authenticate services

  • Swift object storage service

         -Install, configure and use the Swift object storage service

  • Glance image service

         - Install and use the Glance Image Service

  • Cinder block storage service

         -Install the Cinder block storage service
         - Manage Cinder Volumes

  • Networking Service

         -Install, Configure and Manage Redhat Enterprise
         - Linux OpenStack Platform networking Service

  • Nova compute and controller services

          -Install Nova Compute and controller services
          -Deploy an instance from the Command Line

  • Implement an additional Compute node

          -Learn to add and remove additional nova compute nodes

  • Heat orchestration service

          - Install the Heat Orchestration service
          - Launch a stack using preconfigured templates

  • Ceilometers metering service

          -Install and manage the ceilometers metering service


Chapter 2 : Red Hat Enterprise Linux Open Stack Platform Architecture 

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