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Windows Power Shell

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Chapter 1 : Introduction to Windows Power Shell  

1Introduction to Windows Power Shell

  • What Is Windows Power Shell? Windows Power Shell Architecture
  • Overview of Cmdlet’s
  • Working with Cmdlet’s
  • Getting Cmdlet help
  • Navigating Cmdlets
  • Tab Expansion, Aliases, and History

Chapter 2 : Understanding Variables, Arrays, Operators  

1Understanding Variables, Arrays, Operators

  • Variables and Data Types
  • Variable Scopes
  • Collections
  • Arithmetic operators
  • Conditional operators

Chapter 3 : Building Pipelines, Filters & Formatting data  

1Building Pipelines, Filters & Formatting data

  • Using Pipelines
  • Filtering and Iterating Through the Pipeline
  • Recording Objects in a Pipeline
  • Formatting data

Chapter 4 : Managing Windows Operating system  

1Managing Windows Operating system

  • Managing Processes
  • Viewing, Starting, and Stopping Services
  • Creating windows user accounts & Groups
  • Managing event viewer
  • Managing schedule jobs
  • Managing roles and features

Chapter 5 : Administering Remote Computers  

1 Administering Remote Computers

  • Using Basic Remoting
  • Using Advanced Remoting Techniques
  • Using Remoting Sessions
  • Enable Remoting on the Local Computer
  • Performing One-to-One Remoting
  • Managing Shared Folders with Windows Power Shell and WMI
  • Performing One-to-Many Remoting

Chapter 6 : Introduction to Scripting with Windows Powershell  

1Introduction to Scripting with Windows Powershell

  • Writing Windows Powershell Scripts
  • Script Parameters
  • Security in Windows Power Shell
  • Customizing Windows Power Shell with Profiles

Chapter 7 : Implementing Flow Control and Conditions  

1Implementing Flow Control and Conditions

  • Controlling the Flow of Execution Within Scripts
  • Iteration Flow Control
  • Developing and Using Functions

Chapter 8 : Functions, Filters and Modules, Error Handling  

1Functions, Filters and Modules, Error Handling

  • Functions and Filters
  • Scripting with Functions and Parameters
  • Modules
  • Error Handling
  • Script Debugging

Chapter 9 : Working with Files, the Registry, Profiles  

1Working with Files, the Registry, Profiles

  • Using Data Stores
  • Using Providers
  • Filtering and Selecting with Regular Expressions
  • Implementing Event Log Management
  • Persisting Objects in Files

Chapter 10 : Managing the Windows Operating System Using WMI  

1Managing the Windows Operating System Using WMI

  • Introduction to WMI and WMI Objects
  • Managing Disks and Disk Volumes Using Windows Powershell with WMI
  • Managing Shadow Copies Using Windows Powers hell with WMI

Chapter 11 : Managing IIS  

1Managing IIS

  • Adding IIS Snapin
  • Creating Sites using IIS Powershell
  • Managing Dotnet objects using powershell

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