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Chapter 1 : What is SAP Netweaver Administration 

1What is SAP Netweaver Administration

  • This covers new dimensional products in SAP ERP.
  • Using SAP Netweaver, end user can connect using internet.

Chapter 2 : To monitor SAP Netweaver System, Below tools are required to monitor the same 

1To monitor SAP Netweaver System, Below tools are required to

  • Config tool  
  • Visual admin
  • JSPM
  • SDM
  • NWA
  • Telnet

Note: From Netweaver 7.31 onwards, there is not Visual admin tool , it is merged into NWA tool

           SAP Netweaver online training also covers SAP EP Administation, Portal administration.

Chapter 3 : PI administation training covers 

1PI administation training covers

  • Proess integrationI installation and Post installation
  • SLD configuration in PI.
  •  Process integration monitoring tool

Chapter 4 : EP Administration covers 

1EP Administration covers

  • EP Overview, Enterprise portal installation and post installation steps
  • Content administration
  • User administration
  • System administration.
  • Portal security administration.
  • SSO Configuration, Collaboration
  • Knowledge management.

Chapter 5 : Solution manager topics that are part of SAP Netweaver 

1Solution manager topics that are part of SAP Netweaver

  • Introduction to solution manager 7.1 Architecture.
  • LMDB usage, technical system editor
  • Installation of SMD agents, monitoring agents.
  • EWA alerts usage and configuration
  • Maintenance optimizer usage and configuration, troubleshooting MOPZ issues.
  • Wily intro scope. 
  • system preparation, basic configuration, managed system setup
  • Introduction to Technical monitoring


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  • Video
  • Skill level Full Course
  • Languages English

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