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Chapter 1 : Finance (FI) 

1Enterprise Structure

  • Chart of Accounts
  • Accounts Groups customization
  • Open and Close Posting Periods

2Sales Tax Procedures

  • Tolerance Groups

3General Ledger Accounts(GL Accounts)

  • Negative Postings
  • Creation of GL Masters
  • Parked Document

4Foreign Currency Transaction(FCT)

  • Reversal of Reversed Document
  • Mass Reversal
  • Balance Interest Calculation
  • Accounts Principles

5Accounts Payable(AP)

  • Accounts Payable(AP)

6House Bank

  • Link Between Sundry Creditors and Advance to Vendors
  • Purchase Invoice Posting
  • Term of Payments-Maximum Cash discount
  • Automatic Payment Program(APP)
  • Check Printing
  • Credit Memo

7Accounts Receivable (AR)

  • Sales Invoice Posting
  • Incoming Payment
  • Link Between Sundry debtors and Advance from Customers
  • Advance Receipt posting

8Bill of Discounting (Bill of Exchange)

  • Define Dunning Areas

9Sales Tax

  • Sales Tax

10Asset Accounting(AA)

  • Chart of Depreciation
  • Asset Classes
  • Asset Sale/Transfer/Scrapping


  • Charts of Accounts List
  • Trail Balance/Ledger/Vendors List
  • Data Takeover
  • Uploading of master in SAP(LSMW)
  • Balances uploading

12Bank Reconciliation Statement (BRS)

  • House Bank
  • Check Lots
  • Sales and Purchase Invoices Posting

13Cash Journal

  • Cash Journal

14Withholding Tax(TDS/TCS)

  • Maintain Calendar
  • Withholding tax codes
  • Create Remittance Challan
  • Print TDS Certificate
  • Quarterly Return

Chapter 2 : Controlling (CO) 

1CO Areas and Basic Settings for Controlling

  • CO Areas and Basic Settings for Controlling

2Cost Centre Accounting

  • Cost Centre Accounting

3Online Reconciliation Ledger

  • Creation of GL Masters
  • CO Customization
  • FI Customization

4Cross Company Code Postings

  • Cross Company Code Postings

5Maintain Overhead Structure

  • Maintain Overhead Structure

6Statically Key Figures(KF)

  • Statically Key Figures(KF)


  • Assessment

8Internal Orders

  • Internal Orders

9Budgeting and availability control

  • Budgeting and availability control

10Profit Center Accounting

  • Profit Center Accounting


  • Transaction Key / Process Key
  • Valuation Class
  • Assignment of Accounts
  • MM Customization
  • FI Consultant Job in MM
  • Assignment of Accounts for Automatic Postings (MM to FI)
  • FI consultant Job in SD
  • SD steps

12Co-Profitability Analysis (CO-PA)

  • Data flow in CO-PA
  • Customization
  • SD End user area

13Report Painter

  • Report Painter

14Product Costing

  • Co Consultant Job (Activity based costing)
  • PP Consultant Job
  • CO End user area
  • MM End user area
  • PP End User Area

15Actual Costing

  • CO Consultant Job
  • PP Consultant Job
  • Asset Accounting Area

16New General Ledgers (ECC 6:new features)

  • Customization
  • Document Splitting

17Central Excise and Sales Tax

  • Central Excise Customization (Purchase)
  • Central Excise Customization (Sales)
  • SD End user Area

18Financial Statement Version

  • Financial Statement Version

19Asset Accounting Area

  • Asset Accounting Area

20Project Report

  • Project Report


  • Lectures0
  • Video
  • Skill level Full Course
  • Languages English

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