E - Commerce

At Truway Academy we provide easy integration of payment gateway.

E - Commerce

1) Payment gateway integration to integrate PayPal, Credit card and Bank transfers

2) Maintenance

3) Low pricing

1) At Truway Academy we provide easy integration of payment gateway into platforms. Web development is a technique  to develop innovative website or private network.It varies from developing the simplest static page to the most complex web-based internet application to most complex social network services. We provide payment gateway in php.

A website is one of the most powerful and effective promotional tools that a business or individual can ever have. A well-built website is the key to ensuring that you properly represent yourself or your business online.

2) Maintenance of websites:

 Truway Academy also website maintenance.  We have round the clock customer support which makes Truway Academy one of the leading companies in maintaining websites in today's market. We offer you the best maintenance package for the best price.

So why delay....Get in touch.


E-commerce website done in PHP


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