Contract Administration

Contract Administration

Truway Academy provide Contract Administration and Management Services.

Our consultants are experts in Construction, Mining, Infrastructure and many more. We provide the below services

  • Tendering for packages and services. 
  • Tender negotiations and also managing Tender change / clarification registers. 
  • Organising and managing meetings, reports and noting papers. 
  • Setting up contracts and contract negotiations for all types of contracts including Forex and EPA (Economic and Price Adjustments).
  • Contract administration including claims managment and certifying progress claims. 
  • Assess and setting up Variations. 
  • Submitting progress claims for Subcontractors, Contractors and Principal.
  • Monitoring Schedule progress and assessing extension of claims.
  • Issuing the contract completion certificates, substantial completion and practical completion certificates. 
  • Assessing insurance claims and submitting warranty claims. 


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